Staying Single: A Lesson in Layering Leather

Leandra Medine | March 14, 2011

Though daylight losings time has come and gone, the cold weather doesn’t seem to be letting go. Raise your hand if this has been the most obnoxious winter to fuck with your immune system?

Because of inclement weather conditions, shivering bones, and things like pneumonia, I thought I’d post one last winter-friendly layering story before I start preaching the art of layering your underwear. No really. I layered underwear last night. It was fun.

On today’s roster: leather, leather and more pleather! One is often prone to associate leather with Cat Woman, Angelina Jolie and sexual vixens of that sort. This is where I come in so below you will find a fantastic series of photos that will demonstrate the art of castration sans-torture instrument, plus fabric. 

t shirt: Club Monaco, leather pants: Topshop, loafers: Stubbs and Wootton
Phase 1: While this is as standard an outfit as any, I have a leather fupa and for that, I deserve an award.
shorts: Club Monaco
Phase 2: leather shorts over leather pants, by golly, why did it take me until the end of February to think this one up?
skirt: Zara
Phase 3: The use of those shorts obviously sparked a brilliant idea: make it a skort night.
…See what I mean? See what I mean? Leather party in, on and around my pants.
vest: WGACA
Phase 4: Add a leather vest. Here’s to motorcyclists without motorcycles.
jacket: Veda
Phase 5: Leather jacket. This is saucy.
birth control glasses: Warby Parker, booties: Proenza Schouler
Phase 6: Finishing touches to nip his tip. Clear frames–non-prescription, of course–leather booties and ta da, not an ounce of flesh in sight. Let’s hereby dub this,“Matrix chic” and sing a song of collective solidarity that goes a bit like this: L-L-L-Leather is Forever.
Copyright infringement notice: Stole that slogan off an old Moschino belt hanging out in my mother’s closet.
…Sometimes even I can’t believe I’m actually human. Photo by Chuck Grant.
  • Fantasy Candy

    great pics. i love black and the combination is perfect.

  • blue roses

    you look all set to head off to some single mixing asphyxiation fetish party… of course, only to enjoy the free wine and cheese.

  • Tasha

    That is A LOT of leather. But I L-L-L-Like it. See what I did there?

  • Fashion Agony
  • Emi P.

    wow !
    impressive !


  • Lily Delphine Sanders

    your posts crack me up and as much as you repel men, you still look pretty chic in my eyes! bravo!

  • Rux

    gosh, there is so much leather 😀

  • CupcakesOMG!

    LOL!!! i love the way your mind works…also, i'm fairly certain youre wearing more leather than I've ever owned throughout my entire life. well done.

  • Inside my head and wardrobe

    i love your skirt with those leather trousers ! great blog ! i love the last picture

  • Dominika

    this is so great!

  • Closet Fashionista

    Hahaha I LOOOOVE THIS!!!! You look so awesome, I love the skirt over the shorts, over the pants 😀

  • girlgerms

    totally digging the leather jacket.
    keep on repelling!

  • camille

    this makes me think of a yeast infection. there is single and then there is single and itchy

  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    this is hilarious. you're petite and you pull it off. at 5'9'' if i wore head to toe leather in layers i'd look like an assassin. i gotta limit it to leggings and a jacket. kudos.

  • Ofelia

    love the first one! its so simple and pretty!

  • Man Repeller

    @indie, I'm 5'8!! If I can pull it off, you can pull it off! And what's wrong with looking like an assassin?

  • emma basilone

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! This look is hot.


  • featherfactor

    Based on this photo you are more cow than human…had to go there, sorry…lol. I love leather though.

  • Nino Eliava

    u're so funny and cool
    love ur blog
    maybe u'll like mine

  • Martha C.

    it looks AMAZING but answer me this: How in Davie Crockett's fringey buckskins are you going to pee?

  • Emma ♥

    you are wearing, like, about 3.5 cows and that's the best thing ever. best of all, apart from the likelihood of *creaking* as you walk/prance/skip with joy at your own genius in creating this outfit, you could do cartwheel upon cartwheel and worry NOT about flashing your foof in any way at all, even if you tried. bravo vagina hider, bravo. xx

  • Jessie

    girl in leather! i love the leather pleated skirt. it is so gorgeous!

  • Silje

    OMG – Brilliant!

  • magna rún

    Aha I love this, cant wait for the underwear layering tutorial 🙂 !!

  • Johanna & Charles

    Oww lala. I love the end result! Very nyc! I want!!

  • neko

    Dude: With that much leather on, doesnt yr lady-azz sweat like crazy ?!

    [YEEEeesh ….]


  • TheBeautyFile

    You are so much more fun than the typical human!!!

  • The Fancy Teacup

    I was already mesmerized by your strategic pairing of the leather skirt with the leather pants…and then ta-dah! You have leather shorts doing peek-a-boo underneath!
    So cunning. You totally are superhuman.
    much love.

  • Steffy’s Pro’s and Con’s

    you just blew my mind. leather pants under leather shorts under a leahter skirt. WHATTTTT

    <3 steffy

  • sammi burley (chase.dakota)

    wow that's a lot of leather… looks good though!

  • Michele

    Hhahah this is just too much. Love it!
    Also I am pretty much a pro at man repelling and I have this blog to thank for it.
    Much appreciated!

  • Gabi Coelho

    Wow, that's a lot of imagination! Love it!
    Great post!

  • Neiry
  • Francesca

    hahaha this is phenomenal!


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  • Katie

    You are officially my hero.

  • Anonymous

    I love you + your blog, but sometimes I wonder if you'd actually leave the house in some of your outfits, especially this one.

    Regardless, you're great. I can't help but bring you up in every conversation I have with someone. <3

  • Emma


  • Man Repeller

    @anonymous This one I did in fact wear out just after the photos were taken

  • Taylor B.

    How fast did you start sweating in that?

  • kimchicsisters
  • Tiffany Yet To Be Determined

    OMG, I love this look with an unearthly passion. You are truly a genius. What I wouldn't do for that outfit? *Thinking* I don't know if I agree with you though as it being man repelling…If you were to visit say ComiCon,(or any number of *cons*), I think you would have a nights worth of empty condom packages at your feet.

    Fearlessly Female (clickity-click!)

  • CoutureJunkie

    Ha Ha! You and your quips always make my day.
    P.S. If you have to pee in a public restroom, how hard is it to remove all those layers?


  • Allie

    Omg this is brilliant! I almost wish winter wasn't ending so I could wear something like this every day. Almost.

  • Amaezing Fashion

    leather on leather= love!


  • Tonya

    hahahah I love reading your captions to everything!
    This seriously just made my day…week probably.
    Genius 🙂

  • hels

    I'm not a leather person. In fact, I don't think I've ever owned anything leather other than boots and cuffs, but man – that look is gooooood.

  • HuntGatherFashion

    I almost thought you were going to go "surprise DIY!" with the skort thing. Like, actually whip out a mammoth pair of scissors and cut that skirt shorter than the shorts to gain a more "skortish" effect. It's an idea. You can put it in the bank for future manrepeller if you dig it.

  • patrycja2407

    amazing skirt! 🙂
    I love it!

  • Collections

    that's a lot of leather but surprisingly enough i like it! I love leather. the zara skirt and topshop pants are great.


    Nip his tip! Nip his tip! (Soooo stealing this phrase for use in e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e t-h-i-n-g!)

  • Annabelle Fleur

    Well, you look very cheery for someone demonstrating the fine art of castration:)I just love reading your blog! So very clever and funny!

    Love from LA,

  • Jac

    Bravo for not fainting in any of these photos. All that leather would suffocate me. BTW if a guy did pursue a man repeller wearing this I'm pretty sure the near impossible feat of removing all this leather after a night out would deflate his sail and send him on his own walk of shame.

  • Riz

    ahaha I don't even know it is remotely possible for you to be squatting like that! But you did! and you made it work!

  • Miss Molly

    you are fantastic! love this

  • kate

    Ugh now the only reason I wouldn't be able to stand this is because I would probably sweat like crazy and then my ass cheeks would stick together and that would just not be fun…it wouldn't be just man repelling it would be people repelling and mind repelling at that point. Who wants to be the girl with sweaty ass cheeks? Not me.

  • flyingccarpet

    you are the best!

  • Nomadic D.

    not only are you hilarious but it also seems you own one of the bestest leather jackets in the world. jealousy abounds.

  • penelope sarah Armstrong

    this much leather should be illegal!

    I love it!

  • miitu

    those look great on you! love them! <3

  • KateLainey

    Leather to the max – awesome! Ha repel those men!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE those glasses. And the pants.

  • Marlén
  • Orjen

    I like you, Man-Repeller.

  • kate


  • Anonymous

    you are so tiny you can pull this off.
    if i wore this many leather layers, i would look like a leather sausage!!

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  • Kathryn

    I love your blog and always find it funny, but I wanted to let you know that I found this post soooo funny. I was literally cracking up as I read it

  • Catalina

    While I do think you are QUITE INSANE, I just went ahead and tried this mad idea of yours. To make the layers more apparent I alternated with black and white: black leather skirt, white t-shirt sticking under a black leather t-shirt and white leather jacket. Black and silver leather boots to top it off. Man, I can't believe how much I like this concoction! THANKS!
    My boyfriend will be terrified with this "minimalistic" look that I will call: Martin Margiela goes to space.

  • Ellie

    HAHAHAHA! That is hilarious! Dear god… I hope there was mucho aircon.

  • nana avec des lunettes

    Cool!! I love leather, but seeing as to how you managed to do an all leather outfit by layering it, I truly have a new found love for leather!

  • Sydney

    I'd like to hug you in all your leathery glory, this was fantastic! But mainly because I like leather sounds…

  • I Don’t Wear Jeans

    Even I don't like that outfit & I didn't think you could ever go wrong with leather. Don't believe me, check out my blog.

    You are still a riot! LOVE your blog!

  • jhuynh

    hahaha wow! so much leather!! reminds me of the matrix but taken 10 times further

  • emilie
  • My Style Canvas

    I love all those leather pieces! I guess this stubborn cold weather does have an upside.

  • H

    You should check this out.
    I'm pretty sure you'll love it!
    Hint: The inspiration was…*drumroll*…YOU!

  • passionlessfashionistas

    you look really hot, and by that i of course mean warm. you must have been sweltering; ah, the price we pay for fashion, eh? well done, mr, well done.


  • lisa

    All you are missing are the leather finger condoms found here… would have made this even more manrepelling


    warning, layering can increase body temperature…lets not have a case of Ross from friends with his leather pants jaja.

    amazing leather pieces!

    always inspired reading this, great post


  • Lydz xX

    hahaha love it…wow you own alot of cow !!!!

    Lydz xX

  • Mahmood

    it looks AMAZING its so simple and pretty!
    Leather Pants

  • jessica january

    man repelling at it's best! love it!

    and your loafers 🙂

    january, x

  • awinenett

    amazing, it is actually first time i visit your blogg, but it would not be last time, i already love your blogg 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    thats the best outfit i ever seen! awesome!
    i really like the layering of pants, shorts and the skirt! and all in the same material! perfect! go ahead with that style 😀

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  •!/empty_sack Empty Sack

    I am not sure if you meant it that way, but as a man sans testicles, even my eyes water at the sight of those pants.

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  • CupcakePumpkinpie

    haha shenanigans! what size do you wear for those Topshop leather pants?

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  • Katie Isabella Wildig

     Missed. The . Point.

  • oinkalena8

    i don’t know but i laughed so hard at the I HAVE A LEATHER FUPA part

  • MGF

    I miss the layering lessons !!!