Man Repelling Designer Awareness: Eleven Objects

Leandra Medine | March 29, 2011

Stroking the nature of an installment I started months ago and evidently, ended right then and there, I’m back today, with Man Repelling Designer Awareness posts and so world, meet Eleven Objects.

Holy Man Repeller, detachable collars! Eleven always was my favorite number, if only because I love parallel lines. Now though, the reason’s got a little more meat. And I mean that in the most vegan way possible.

I’m no sexy model so I likely won’t pair the collar with say, a plunging neckline or sheer sleeveless blouse…but there is something to be said about the mere notion that in as small a space as one collar provides, leopard print and studs are already key outfit players.

See what I mean? 

Peep the rest of the collection here, and shop it here. While the prices may be slightly steep, justifying this purchase is easy beans. Number one: it’s an elaborate collar, that is not connected to your shirt, you can’t really put a price on this prospect. Number two: you can and should think of it as…purchasing a necklace, a really unconventional, show stopping necklace. Plus, I have the bullet adorned calf hair one, don’t you want us to be bound together by a brand new element of menswear?

If that wasn’t convincing enough for you though, peep the multitude of ways I wore the collar while playing dress up at Tibi last week.

Here, Lady Tibi herself, Amy Smilovic perfects my look strokes the collar while we uni-brain in the same fisherman’s Tibi coat.

The power of this collar is a wild and mysterious thing, you see. So…do you want to date me, or what?

I lied when I said “multitude of ways” re: styling the collar, I’m only going to show you one more look in an effort to not ruin tomorrow’s Tibi spotlight post, so, in this last look cleverly dubbed “The Print Mixing Paper Boy” I implement use of the sweet neck piece again.

photo by Caroline Owens, handbag by Be&D;

It should be noted that I do have a few more collar-related tricks up my sleeve and I will share them with you in due time, but right now, I really have to go. My necklaces are all tangled together and seem to be a mere clink away from either broken or strangling me. Another upside to wearing detachable collars: they don’t try to kill you. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, it means I’ve been choked. This doesn’t however, mean, that you can have my collar, though.

Here’s to taking menswear one level further.

  • Joelynn

    I just love you.

  • hattitude

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    haha as always a wonderful blog! i love all the patterns you have going on in this outfit.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  • Kathryn {Sweet Tea and Champagne}

    Hilarious. If anyone can pull off this collar, it's you. Plus I love the plethora of patterns you sported in the last picture. Love it. xo


  • Sydney

    Those SHOES!!!! Oh my gah. And as always, thank you for making me laugh out loud at work…

    Pink Chinchilla

  • Miss Molly

    i love yoU!

  • blue roses

    i love how even in the image where you appear to be topless or naked beneath that removable collar, you are repelling and repulsing away. could be attributable to your fashion forward demonic grin. win.

  • Poopette

    Someone should compile the best quotes from this blog. "If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it means I've been choked [by my jewelry.]" Going to use that today.

  • Gabriela

    Love the outfit. The collar with the studs is awesomeness. You look like something out of jurassic park in your 5th pic 😉

  • Iubire

    hi darling simply you are the best…I love love your blog and i visit to you every day and as always you make me feel happy…!
    nice pics and your sense of humor is unique…
    love and much light from Chile

  • Fashion Agony

    Those collars look amazing! Great styling!


  • Danish Demeanor

    Gotta love it – check out the UK label
    Great collars too

  • Anonymous

    that photo of you is…

  • Jessie

    i love these first two photographs! so pretty. i love it.

  • Francesca

    i adore this look! you look so great


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • Michelle Lee

    love those collars

    lumete interview@

  • ddferg

    So the detached collar as accessory? hmmmm. Could the dickie be next?
    You inspire and crack me up all at once.

  • Steffys Pros and Cons

    i love the removeable collar i have been looking for one! you are so funny and quirky i love it!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Anonymous

    Those collars are as you say "everything" need.them.all

  • The Now

    You are so hilarious! Love the collars.

  • CandiceFullyLoaded

    My first blog that I follow and I'm sure it will be the favorite!

  • The Foolish Aesthete

    Funny! My favorite detachables are in mink and fox though! 🙂

  • folknfables

    Boobies! Love the collar, your outfit, and Tibi!

    extra great humorous writing. as always.

  • Ofelia

    that collar is so cute!

    Glass of Fashion

  • fashionslap

    That was almost pornographic 😮

  • Ash

    Oh gosh. You got me laughing at your "Do you want to date me" picture. Oh you just make my day 🙂

    Denim + Cotton

  • Anna

    haha, who took the do you want to date me picture 😉

  • enimie

    The snakeskin shoes!! What brand are they?

  • BETABOOMblog

    me encanta la idea del cuello como accesorio! y el look final divino!


  • Amber

    Don't you mean you have a few more tricks up your detachable cuff? *Badum tshhhhh*

    But seriously, great post!

  • Man Repeller

    The shoes are Martin Margiela! x

  • IcedGem

    Newish reader, thank you for inspiring me to repel men! Love your outfits all the time. xx

  • The Fancy Teacup

    Oh my gosh, your last comment made me laugh so hard. I hope you don't choke! What a great way to put it though, those collars make great statement necklaces.
    much love.

  • emma basilone

    You're blog makes me so excited =)

    Love this look you are bad ass and always fun to read!

  • Megan Hattie

    ahh i wanna make some badass collars now! love your blog so much, it's so refreshing

    –megan//The Martian Tide

  • flyingccarpet

    you look so scary in the picture. like a bat. a man-repelling bat.

  • clara susanto

    you're so adorable,loveable and FUNNY. xo

  • Anonymous

    love that leopard print satchel! where to get???

  • Man Repeller

    @anonymous Shopbop or the beandd website!

  • Anabelle

    agree with @flycarpet. You are a man repelling bat

  • Anonymous

    @enimie the snakeskin shoes are Tibi

  • Kimberly

    love the idea of detachable collars! you look amazing!

  • I dont know what to do

    you look so naked in that one picture it's insane

  • Mitchie

    I am scared.

  • Closet Fashionista

    Wow, that look is amazing! I love all the prints! And those collars are soooooo awesome!

  • True Gemini
  • Fabi Mauricio

    you rock!

    I found 11 objects before this post on your twitter and they are pretty rad!

    I will make a post about them, if you don't mind.

    Other thing is that I get paralyzed with the picture of you opening you coat, happened like this: my internet sucks so the pictures load in small portions, getting down and down. Imagine the feeling! I said to myself: 'oh my god! no she's topless?! it's too much even for her level of repellency"
    So I make public excuses:
    I'm really sorry to think this of you. (LOL)

    Sorry for the judgement, sorry for my english!

    I always come here when I want to see clever jokes with fashion. Keep on doing this great work!
    kisses from Brasil,

  • Natalia

    Amazing 🙂 They are just what I have been looking for all of my life!

  • LOIS

    dude, this is awesome! 😀

  • Seinfeldted

    HUGE shout out to Eleven Objects' accessories on TODAYS LOOK!

  • Fashion Books

    Wow! What a face!

  • Kalander

    Beautiful girl, really.


  • valeska

    how about yellow shoes with this outfit?

  • David S

    Ok, one of this pics was pretty scary stuff.

  • Donnie M. Small

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  • Donnie M. Small

    Ok… I will be even more paranoid about locking the door! Love the ending to the story though!!!!!! is-vimax available in newzealand

  • Donnie M. Small

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