From Man Getter to Man Repeller: Turn Porn to Prunes

Leandra Medine | March 28, 2011

I’m just warning you before we start that the title of this blog post lacks the revelatory “A Ha!” moment. It doesn’t make very much sense now and will likely continue to do just that. I am however, a sucker for alliteration and I think porn is an underrated word. It rhymes with corn, after all.

In any case, in honor of Monday, Man Getters become Repellers and this sets the mood for an entire week of fashion do’s and fornication don’t’s, starting with what I will call the newest rendition of Kimberly Taylor‘s naked dress.

dress: Kimberly Taylor, shoes: YSL

I take my initial point back, porn does in fact play into the nature of this blog post right here and it’s staring you smack in the face. I have to say, I do love an overtly sexy dress, it leaves plenty of room for me to exercise my most flamboyant creative license and turn what could likely end a dry spell into the very reason one falls under this spell. See that, fashion is very paradoxical. 

In any case, here’s what I did to re-establish my personal style.

mint green button up: Kimberly Taylor, silk utility jacket: Rachel Rachel Roy, gold cuff: Young&Ng;, bolo tie: Alex + Eli via Of a Kind

In honor of spring: two layers of thin outerwear, for one thing. Heavy arm bands for another. And an adjustable bow tie to keep my hands busy. Metallic nails are optional though highly recommended.

black necklace: TOMTOM Jewlery

…It wasn’t enough though, I sensed an element of bowner was missingso I did what anyone would do in this sort of absence and added another bow.

necklace: TOMTOM Jewelry, additional bow: Shop Joy

See the thing that’s so great about this here bow is that I can pile it onto my bolo and be layering bow ties,or…

I can wear it in my hair and just be straight up cool. 
And now, for the final look, everything together, including myself, as one…
You don’t think I’d have left those YSL tribute sandals on? In true man-repelling spirit, I only ever bought them to wear with bell bottoms. We’re talking a 6-inch heel here, people. So here’s to a potato sack/cowboy boot hybrid a la Rag and Bone. 
booties: Rag & Bone

Such, such were the joys. You see that? I just can’t stop laughing. Man Repelling is so much fun. Get in on the party, people. Try a conversion for yourself, share photos and tell of your tales.

How ’bout that for turning porn to prunes?
All images by Naomi Shon. She’s my knight in shining armor.

  • The Iconic Blog

    Love the bows.xx


  • s. p. stanley


  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    you aren't repelling shit here honey. it's too damn cute. military, sheer, bows, platforms, perfection!

  • Ashley

    okay this is perfection. Besides the fact your humor has me continually repeating "i love this chick!" your style is so so good…the juxtaposition is spot on. Fortunately i have enough of my own porn-worthy dresses to convert into street chic…loving the R&B; booties!



    you never fail to surprise/inspire me. jaja amazing-ness.

  • Anonymous

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  • featherfactor

    Amazing prunage job. I adore that hair bow….I love all things bows + hair.

  • hattitude

    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    this is an awesome post. the first photo i was thinking, damn she looks great. by then end i didn't even have words. awesome outfit. i love love love the bow ties. i wore a similar one in my post today!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  • Lydia

    Prunes are way cuter than porns.

  • Eugenia Woods

    Love the result!

  • blue roses

    mmmmm, upon reading, i immediately metamorphosed from plump and luscious to shriveled and decadently sweet. this comment makes no sense, but i love, as always, your transformation from seductress to stop-in-your-tracks-and-flee(ress).

  • Collections

    Lovin all the layers lookin good!

  • floraspring

    Oh mha lord! I do believe I'm in love with your dress <3 <3

  • Ashley

    love how u transformed that dress. and that green button up is stunning

  • Fashion Agony

    Awesome man-repeller look! 🙂


  • Molliee

    Love the green jacket! I need one of these:)

  • Mrs. C

    Bowa are amazing and perfect for man repelling….classic!!
    You don't need it but check out my Move It Monday exercise for swim suit season….eeek!!!

  • 3andahalf
  • Anonymous

    lovelovelove the rag+bone booties

  • Vasilieva

    lovely look, gorgeous details

  • Michelle Lee

    lovely 🙂

    would love for you to read my interview with lumete eyewear designer

  • Neiry

    Nice job, love the outfit!

  • Matter Of Style

    love the sheer skirted dress and girl you have very beautiful legs

  • Chaquito’s mode

    Perfect outfit! I really like your blog, greetings from Argentina

  • B
    i want to crawl inside your brain and see how it all works.

  • Jamie

    You are freakin brilliant. Seriously. I was just saying the other day how the idea of man repelling is so appealing to me yet I can't seem to get it down. I always defer to the good ole sex appeal side of things then get annoyed when approached absolute cavemen. I really need to work on the art of turning porn to prunes…and STAT!! I will work on this and report back!

  • smurik

    What's the nail polish? It's gorgeous.

  • Man Repeller

    @smurik OPI, called Birthday Babe!

  • Anonymous

    I do looooove the base dress!

  • I Dress Therefore I Am

    LMAO I love you! Man Repelling > Man Getting 😉

    Alexa Rae xx

  • Celeste

    This dress is amazing start to finish, love it in all phases of pelling, pro- to re-!

  • Jenny

    I've been using "ladies we are man repelling tonite". Genius. Love your blog!!

  • Layered Black

    You are a true layering god. I bow down!
    {not to be mistaken for bow- as in bow-tie)

  • Deni

    OMG! I totally love your rag & bone boots…stunning look, hun!


  • modanista junkie

    The outfit is amazing and love the necklaces!!!


  • New York Don’t Leave Me

    Love the bows, give me inspiration for my Philip Lim Bow Tie. Great look! Still sexy in my opinion.

  • fashionslap

    I can only imagine a man looking at your blog and thinking "Oh man she's hot…wait wait what is she doing? Dear god stop the madness"…really that's what I imagine. LOL love that skirt.

  • Yevgeniya Yelkina

    those YSL shoes! talk about porn helllo


  • Katie

    At the risk of sounding like a creep, you have fabulous Barbie legs dear. You are fucking owning that dress.

  • SKT

    hahah couldn't say it better myself ^

    you look fabulous in that first photo!!! but the outfit you put together is just jizztastic. loving it. xx

  • The Magic Mirror

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!! This was hilarious! I do have to say I love the repeller outfit better than the getter! The boots are my favorite. Thanks for the laugh!

    Kisses from Wonderland

  • Jessie

    i love bows with everything. they always look so adorable.

  • TheFashionAddict

    you are so funny! I love the look, you could never be a man-repeller.

  • Ara

    Your're just an artist at putting clothes together. 🙂

  • Kimberly

    love the man repeller look so amazing!

  • Tassos P

    I love the YSLs but the rest are really man repelling… I know, I 'm a man 🙂

  • Rachael

    Such a good idea! Love the outfit you created out of that sexy dress!


    Lovely bows! great outfit!

  • Anonymous

    such a good conversion xx

  • The Fancy Teacup

    You are freaking adorable. It's a grand slam when you pile on the bows and wear those 6 inch killer heels.
    much love.

  • Danish Demeanor

    ha ha oh what pruny porn…

  • Steevy

    i love how you incorporate bows into so many of your looks!


  • Megan Hattie

    So fantastic! I love the flowered bow especially, you put this together so well <3. Big big fan!


  • nina rowan

    At the beginning of the post I thought you went all sexy on us…

    but I am very proud you turned that around quickly!

  • neko

    sis, know what's REEEEALLY repelling??!


    something you aint got none of!

    (you lucky porno prune, you ….)


    Oh I just adore you! Fashion AND intelligence – it CAN go together – add a dash of humor and you get a true inspiration for all women out there who'd rather strutt some personality than become fashion slaves. But in such a stylish way! 🙂

  • Joy

    You are way too funny! Where has this blog been all my life?!

  • Neifile

    I'm loving it! I adore your outfit, and your Jacket! Oh my god, i need it!

  • ♥Run With Fashion♥


  • ﻌFashionQamarﻌ

    Love everything about this post!
    Your humor is awesome, your style ist lovely
    and the fact that you look like you have never used Make-up is pretty much amazing.

  • Gabrielle

    Loving this man-repelling look! Those Rag & Bone boots are to-die-for.

  • Luiza

    Ohh well…this is so me, can I borrow your closet for ever? 😛

    Luiza from Lifestyle Philosophy

  • Nomadic D.

    apart from being hilarious as usual, it seems you have purchased the very boots I've been coveting for so long. do you love them? are they comfy? should i get them too? do you want to just send me yours?

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    Fun skirt!

  • Kandeel

    omg suuuper old post but this is the coolest love the nails!