Meet Some Fancy New Yorkers (Flamingos)

Leandra Medine | February 22, 2011
 In StyleCaster’s latest editorial, they photographed 50 New Yorkers and dubbed them most stylish. I was likely included in this bunch solely because I used to intern there and when I did, I tap danced everyday. Sometimes I lap danced too. Just kidding. That’s not an appropriate form of expression in the work place. 
In any case, I found some grade A quality meat when I peeped the editorial early this morning, and I couldn’t help but notice how deer-in-headlights chic I looked in my photo. The longer I look at it the more I start to think I look like something of a video game avatar. A video game. Based on man repelling. Women castrate men by shooting turbans out of their necklaces that look like guns? Vulgar. Sounds fun. Something to look into. 
pants: the everfamous Rag & Bone suede Elgers, blouse: Equipment, sweater: All Saints, shoes: Jimmy Choo, to perfect the suede on suede look, hair bow: American Apparel
And for a look at the company I was in, see below. 
Simon Doonan, creative director at Barneys. Joanna Hillman, fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar.
Not trying to toot my own horn or anything but when I met Simon Doonan last week at Fred’s, he called me a genius and then opened a discussion about dissecting the reasons Man Repellers like Daphne Guinness have affairs and the like. Man Repellers who get men, something to look into. Joanna Hillman may or may not be one of my very favorite magazine editors. Her style is particularly man repeller chic and feels fairly attainable at times. Love that she mixes high and low at her own disclosure.
At Charlotte Ronson’s runway show last week, people swooned at Kim Kardashian’s presence, I on the other hand grew flustered when I noticed Waris sitting directly across from me. Before today, he was the king of Turbans and Wes Andersen’s main squeeze. Now, my virtual life mate. I’m all about suspenders and am thinking about growing out my beard, too! Just kidding, guys. 
On of my favorite personal style bloggers on planet earth, Kelly puts the glam in Glamourai. And without glam, it’s just ourai. And that doesn’t make very much sense at all. 
Hi Andrew. World, I’m not going to give anything away, but get ready to see the king of darkness and myself on many a collective screen in the future. He says he epitomizes gay man-repelling, I say that’s true. And one day soon, he will tell you about it on this here forum.
A rare occasion it is that I am so inspired by men’s fashion but look at the crop StyleCaster harvested for this shoot. Timo Weiland is one my favorite human specimens and designers alike. I think he may have instilled the lady bowner in me. 
And in more from “designers I admire:” Reece Solomon, the lady behind the leather you just want to have sex with on Reece Hudson bags. The particular clutch she’s holding in the right photo comes in a fantastical shade of bright green. A perfect spring accent, if I may say so…ma’self.
Olivia Palermo in a Topshop skirt and Elizabeth and James booties. She and I share the same old stomping ground. We’re both New School products. Isn’t that just, darling? 
 And finally, here’s to you, DJ DIAMOND. Are you related to Neil? Tell us, we have to know. 
And sign up for Nuva-Ring here.
So, fellow repellows, who was your favorite from the overall fash-crop? 
  • Anna

    Kelly from The Glamourai – I rather obsessively follow her blog and LOVE her style. When she posted this I was very excited to see you there too – love the hair bow-tie!

  • ‘odd and old’ Linda Dacey

    i think simon
    but hell what do i know
    am an artist/vintage dealer
    living in a hole
    slightly scared by your mileau
    but in love


  • Margaret Maggard

    your pic is ADORABLE!

  • adele

    i must say i am part of the aforementioned rare breed of man repellers who have a boyfriend, 2 years and counting now. he finds it hard to hold my hand when i'm wearing weapons on my fingers, so it's a daily battle to keep my hands holdable and my heels under 6 inches 🙂

  • Poppy Buxom

    You are! With your perfect blouse and your ironic hair bow. (It is ironic, right?)

    But second of all I love Andrew. If he epitomizes gay man repelling, it's because he probably attracts middle-aged housewives the way black flannel attracts lint. They're probably all over him.

  • Doorknobs And Daiquiris

    I'm not sure what is more entertaining… your voice in your review or the actual photos! I think I just fell head over heals over your blog!

  • adele

    oh & it's a challenge to give women sartorial boners and my boyfriend actual boners.


    I totally agree with you on Waris Ahluwalia's beard, suspenders and turban. They are amazing 😀

  • Doni Brown

    I love this post!! They all look great! Andrew is one of my favorites!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Miss Eliza Wharton

    If we're talking man repelling, Lori Goldstein gets my vote.
    Look at her in this green chair… DUDE, there's some REALLY unkempt lady parts going on here.
    She's doing it right.

  • Jamie

    You look amazing in this!! Forget deer in headlights chic, you look freakin fantastic!! How awesome to be featured among these flawless fashionistas (hello…Joanna Hilman??? GAH!)


    what absolutely beautiful photographs. while they are so simple, they share so much of the personalities of the individuals pictured.


  • Collections

    Great post! Love the pictures.

  • Rachel

    Such a good post….I laughed and laughed then loved it oh so much! You look great in it! Joanna Hilman I do have to say is a favorite…but you are right up there as well!

  • Jess

    Haha…lap dance..huh!? Great!
    I actually quite like Olivia´s Outfit…hmm

  • Full Metal Trench

    You look definetely modern.

  • Anonymous

    timo weiland is a babe #justsayin

  • Sarah

    Man repeller video game?! That comment almost made coffee come out my nose. And yes, you are most certainly on to something here.

  • RX-SZ


  • Fashion Agony

    Yay! You totally deserve to be one of those fabulous people!


  • Miyan

    well..congrats! that's pretty flattering, seeing as you are the voice behind the "man repeller" blog. ironic, but well deserving is sure. your photos are so pretty!!


  • M.

    i think i like you best… but it could be because i'm loving the idea of tapdancing in the office.


  • Homan Rajai

    Congrats Girl. You are too hilarious for words. Totally vibing with the beard growing. The middle eastern boho chic style would accent your features to a T.

    And your eyes are screaming bambi's mom… disney chic per the usual with you.

    Love it and love your watches…

    besides you my faves would have to be Reece. It's hard to be stylish and sexy at the same time hence the man repeller. and lovin Timo's look… everything about it.

    Best wishes

  • Francesca

    omg love this so much!!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • jessica january

    love your bow and multiple watches and plummy yummy trousers!!!
    january, x

  • laura

    you and kelly!


  • The Young and The Bangin’

    love everyone but pretty obsessed with andrew…totally bangin'

    follow me around

  • Daily Desirables

    "and sign up for NuvaRing here"
    hahaha i just can't. that is too funny.

  • Vfriedrich

    I want a bow-ner too. So cute. Congrats. I love Simon! Xo Valerie

    P.S. You have to check out my post on Kate Bosworth's makeup artist, today.

  • The Fancy Teacup

    My faves would have to be Kelly and Reece. And you look darling and killer…in a man repelling way of course!
    much love.

  • Ally

    My Euro friends just told me of the Daphne Guiness / Bernard Henri-Lévy romace.

    It's the perfect union of fashion clown and 'philosophy' clown.évy-continue

  • Ally

    romance, duh

  • kimchicsisters
  • Miss Frivolous

    How could you forget Jenne Lombardo, one of the ultimate man repellers. She is incredible and definitely in my top 3 from the article.

  • Aubrey and Melissa

    Simply love this post. I would totally agree about the glamouri, kelly has incredibly style. You look great too, that bow is amazing, I think I might go buy one tomorrow.

  • kate

    Awesome. That's cute you used to intern there. I remember when StyleCaster was just starting up because I saw it during the Beta phase. Hard to believe it's all grown up with legs of it's own…actually not so much since there are some brilliant ex-condes behind the site. Otherwise They picked a lovely bunch of New Yorkers I must say.

  • mr

    Why has no one commented on Simon's heels!

  • shabby

    Everyone looks incredible (well yeah, this is the most stylish list) but oh Simon Doonan, amazing, no could pull that off like him.

  • crystal glamour

    glamourai 🙂 but I love Olivia's style all the time

    swatch international giveaway:

  • arielle

    The nuvaring line is genius

  • Martha C.

    You look so pretty! Love the bow 🙂

  • Anonymous

    you look so pretty!

  • Paige

    DJ Diamond has tons of sex appeal.


  • neko

    You are SO damn DEBONAIR_ (pronounced "D'BONER")!


  • Kay H.

    Aww…you actually look adorable.Very coltish.

  • Britney

    Congratulations! You're too funny :p

  • chuck n.

    you look so much like pre-rehab amy winehouse. it's creepy