Getting Street Styled, Part IV: Fashion Week Win

Leandra Medine | February 9, 2011

Well, crazy culottes, Fashion Week starts tomorrow. That means it unofficially started yesterday. And that means I’ve been wearing six turbans on one head for two days now. In any case, The New York Post commissioned my silly ass to write a story for their paper running today about Getting Fashion Week Ready. As in most my street style installments, I lend tips to NY Post readers on becoming the feather of Scott Schuman’s eye. Because everyone knows, this week is only as important as the high volume of blogs you land on.

I wanted to recreate that post for you here but because I will likely be duplicating content a lot next week (cue: Shopbop’s Shop Talk, New York Magazine’s The Cut) I thought I’d keep it funky, fresh and most importantly: furry. So without further adieu I give you: Getting Fashion Week Ready. Eat your heart out, Mr. Newton. (Not really, more like, snap my photo.)

Step 1: Give the Black Swan a run for her feathers. Look something like a potato sack while doing so.

 blouse: Pencey, belt: Alaia

Step 2: Have more feathers? Throw them in. Have a mom with remnants of the 80s in the form of navy leather Alaia cut-out belt? Add that too.

photo by Chuck Grant
…You can also stop in your tracks if you please to pretend as though you are the subject of a Seventeen Magazine fashion spread. Optional. Highly recommended.

Step 3: Add a vest, Bonus points if its leather because swans that ride motorcycles are really hot right now and this look may exude just that.

tights: H&M;, socks: Hue, shoes: Marni

Step 4: Bare feet and legs aren’t going to do, if only because current weather conditions call for hypothermic reactions–though I do suppose purple legs could make for a great color-blocking story. Just try for floral print tights (hipster points for pre-ripped seams) and a pair of socks to pair with some sandals for now. We’re almost there, Repellers!

jacket: Veda

Step 5: Add a military jacket because, you know, when in doubt, utility out.

 yeti vest: Adrienne Landau, oversized clutch: Reece Hudson

Step 6: Holy moly me oh my, feathers and fur, feathers and fur. Just like a woman trying to seduce you holding a sign that reads “chock full o’STDs.” Eh? Eh? No? Anyone? Sigh, no one gets me.

…As you can see, the layers are still all in tact. In fact, the white swan flying up above is dying for a cameo. Hey little arm pit! How goes it? 
That said and done, I think we’re ready. Happy fashion week bone-de-bunkers.
  • Miss Molly

    oh my word, i love this!

    again.. i love your posts.. you make me smile

  • Francesca

    haha you're my favorite blogger by far


    Le Kiss Kiss-Click Here!

  • Stephanie

    LOL! You've MASTERED the art of layering. not kidding.

    p.s i agree with Francesca. you're my fave too. and I'm a blogger and i might even favour yours over mine. lol. 😉

    xx have fun in the fashion circus this week!

  • Ann Kristiin

    Vrey good one, love!

  • Gabriela

    Absolutely love the Yeti vest, can't get enough of that fur!

  • Ana

    You are too funny!!! Thank you for helping me wake up this morning.

  • Copper Etiquette

    I love the feathers and the layers true inspiration.

  • misses fancypants…

    BUT those pins of yours, yet again! Even swaddled in all that man repelling gear I'd still give you a 'how you doing' – were I to grow a penis that is. From what sort of genetic pool do your amazing limbs come from? I'm going to have to hunt for a mate from said pool so my offspring won't be saddled with their mother's stumpiness!

  • blue roses

    when in doubt, throw a fur coat on top. never fails. hilarious, as always.

  • Lisa

    I love your shoes! Hilarious post, as usual 🙂

    Love, Lisa

  • Queen B

    That dress is amazing. I am obsessed with feathers. But only on clothing, not in your hair, just for the record.

  • Ceci Chapela

    amazing as usual, although I think it's missing some headwear…where are those turbans when you need them?
    I love that clutch….

  • DediLovesFashion

    love every outfit of this post. =)

  • Polley

    Make sure you don't get lost underneath all those layers! How else will photographers take your picture??

  • Elle

    I love what you did here, I wish I layered a quarter as well as you do. You look fantastic and so ready to tackle this cold weather!

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  • Sarah

    I acknowledge that these are your words, but I really must emphasize how much I enjoyed "stop… and pretend as though you are the subject of a Seventeen Magazine fashion spread". Gold!

  • Alison

    Lovely as usual, but I just noticed that your header needs some attention! The background colour of those model shots is not white, so you can see the edges where you cropped. Just an FYI.

  • Anonymous

    i saw this yeti dress on another aussie blog called oracle fox and immediately thought of this blog (naturally). there is also a matching sweater, both by garth cook. maybe some men want to rub up on a bathroom mat-swathed woman if she has a sultry look and defined eyebrows? someone needs to test that out in a bar.

  • Ollie Things Beautiful

    I love the Yeti vest. Looks so cool and probably very warm 🙂 xx

  • ediot

    this is so brilliant. i L O V E this post. fantastic styling.



    That was crazy…the final outcome after all the crazy was very chic. Layers are necessary in NY and surely all the feathers will keep you super warm. 🙂

  • lauraa

    I love your posts. makes me laugh every time whilst also being completely envious of how damn good you look!

  • Mouthwash

    lets get married.
    I can't believe the final outcome of this outfit. it's amazing!! hahaha i really want to wear this!


  • Jean

    I love this!!! That Veda jacket is to die for!


  • lady warfield

    I am so grateful to "anonymous", who shared their thoughts on my new Karen O inspired hair-do this morning with this comment: "I don't wanna burst your bubble, but this hair-cut is a 'man repeller' – "

    grateful because through that comment I found you! And now I'm addicted!!!
    Thank you!!!
    You can see my reply here:

  • CIBU International Haircare

    Just found you via Lucky Mag. Score – you're hillARIOUS. Going to NYC for 2 days of said mayhem tomorrow and could only hope to be as layered and repelling.

  • Britney

    You're such a good writer and are so creative! Wow.

  • Vegas Fashion Stylist

    holy layers, you have taken layering to a whole new level, and I think by the end of the outfit, the black swan won.

  • I Don’t Wear Jeans

    You really are a blast!

  • kelly frances

    congratulations on the ny post article. thats a huge accomplishment

  • Marrisa

    Oh my goodness the armpit! I love it!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  • Ore.R

    I love how you take 1 thing and layer it up into a cool little outfit!


  • Zoe

    By ARM PIT, I think you've got it!
    Loved this post like a Ton to a Russo!

  • Anonymous

    i whip ma hairsss back and forth…and my feathers tooo!

  • eatincake

    I GET YOU, LEANDRA. *loves it*

  • Irena

    waw, this is an amazing outfit! bravo!

  • lavogueish

    hahhaha..the seventeen magazine-do works for me…..but would my feathers fly away…:)
    the layering is all fashion week-ly..and quite a repeller…but thats a lot to put in the coat holder huh…i just loove the white blouse!!!

  • Lydz xX

    the saddest part is that LOVE THIS LOOK, and thats a good thing 🙂

    Lydz xX

  • Emilie

    Love this look!
    Have fun at NYFW!!!

  • Anonymous

    don't worry i hate myself for posting this.

  • Marjorie Rose

    Haha! I TOTALLY get you!

  • Tea Joeli

    Great blog and pics:)



  • street number eight

    man repeller = proof that fashion + funny belong together

  • Fabiola

    I need a Yeti coat right now!
    I live in México so I'm not attending fashion week but I need a good Yeti coat and layers just to sit in front of the computer and see the fashion shows :F

    Love your blog sweetie!!

  • Ally

    A breakthrough in man-repelling — two words: lip boobs:

    Two things men like: lips and boobs; yet together… MRing cubed.

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  • Juliet


    Juliet xxx

  • adele

    polyvore are having a comp based on bloggers + nyfw..
    guess who my inspiration was 😉

  • A.E

    I love it when you do posts like these. Mainly because, HELLO! You'd be definitely 100% blogged if you wore that. How bizarre, how bizarre (cue song). 🙂

  • GIAA

    wow is all i can say at this moment!!!

  • serenissima

    i really love your final outfit! it looks, dare i say it, HOT

  • Tamara S. Putri

    wow, incredible layering! Love the end outfit 🙂


  • A La Mode

    Ahhh you look amazing! This is so great.

  • Princess Peach

    I just laughed out loud like some cackling hyena- now everyone in the room thinks I'm mad- but I don't care, this is the funniest post- the hair-whipping photo was the one that got me….

  • Anonymous

    you look good. did someone tell you you resemble carine roitfield?