Twitter Round-Up: 1/29/2011

Some of you tweet, and some of you don’t. 

Those of you that do, often condense into 140 characters some pee in your pantsing funny musings and direct them at me. Others send photos of mismatched prints and Pollyanna inspired maxi-dresses that utterly heat my loins. A lot of the inspiration from this here blog comes from your tweets and photos and so in light of this, I’ve decided to start an end-of-week installment that will chronicle my favorite tweets of that week. To be eligible to make it into the round-up, you must of course, be following my sweet behind on Twitter. Bonus points for excessive crassness and nudity. 

And so, let’s kick it back social media style starting with the lurvely lads at Dallin Chase.
RT @DallinChaseNY @ManRepeller nothing says #youaintgettinsome like a denim onesie…and a cardigan…and men’s shoes

Conversely, nothing says #iaintbuyingyouadrinktonight like a denim onesie…and a cardigan…and men’s shoes. That said, when I can make my personal orders? Hmm?
RT @StyleCaster @ManRepeller you should really have a bat signal or something.
I do, asshat. Shows how well you know me. 
RT @BloglovinAwards Nominated for Most Original Blog: @galadarling @bunnybisous @bryanboy @stylebubble @manrepeller – vote at 
Hey now, how’d (vote)this (for)get (me)in (here)here?  
RT @KIMBERLYTAYLOR1 @ManRepeller styles the Fall 2011 lookbook…. #seeforyourself!!
 So I did what anyone would do and paired leopard print with snake print to compliment a pose that would suggest I am the most eclectic mime on the east coast. 
On to a topic I hold near and dear:
RT @ AConsti @ManRepeller you would be proud of my sisters pyjama bottoms! #thingsthatlooklikevaginas  
 Hey, are these couture?
RT @johnjannuzzi If you google my name a picture of @manrepeller shows up, what do i do with that?  
You take it, and you thank God, Jannuzzi. You thank God.
RT @riomatchett @ManRepeller – Wedges and tights, thoughts? I feel it is utterly acceptable, but I’m being advised otherwise…  
Wedges and tights unacceptable? That’s like banning peanut butter and jelly. Don’t be crazy. Ride together, die together. Wedge out or ledge out.
RT @Miss_Content I’m full on repelling today cc: @ManRepeller  
If these came with genitals, I would definitely procreate with them. Shoes with genitals…something to look into. Lonely labia no more.

I call this one: Fashion Week Prep. 
I asked: How many utility jackets is too many?
You answered: 
RT @sartorialgirl @ManRepeller How many blazers is too many?  
 RT @mmarcusmasonn @ManRepeller x > 14  
 RT @br1gid @ManRepeller lindsay weir got by on one but there’s no such thing as too many.
RT @arthacarl @ManRepeller That is a trick question. The answer is that you can never have too many. The same goes for oversized grandpa sweaters. 
RT @ckcaitlinkelly Oh, well u need at least 4, but anything more is an enviable novelty RT”@ManRepeller: How many utility jackets is too many?”  
 RT @thefashionhash @ManRepeller you can NEVER have too many!
 It’s true. I tricked ya, suckas. You can never have too many. You can, however, have too few. In which case, go back and start again.
RT @silviasiantar Follow @ManRepeller. Like seriously.  
Not trying to hit on myself or anything, but that is some good quality advice.
RT @wtcooper @ManRepeller check out this man-repelling ensemble. 
  Union worker meets sanitation department chic. Especially pictured lopsided and what not. 
 The asshats online editors at WWD get their turban on in my honor and spare no one. Not even the cardboard cut out of dear ol’Eddie. 
RT @thecoveted New on @eatsleepdenim: The @ManRepeller Does St Style in @7fam by @jessconatser  
Just getting my fur x suede aquatic shoe on. I’m a woman of many themes.

And to end this twitter slide show, we defer the topic to none other than Anna dello Russo
RT @MarissaBronfman Who wore it better? Ashwarya Rai or @annadellorusso? What does @ManRepeller think about the feathered shoulders?
 I understand that Black Swan references are already over-saturated and perhaps even outdated but gosh, if those feathers haven’t granted you ladies to opportunity to literally fly in the sky, you got ripped off.
If you haven’t already, get in on the action! Tweet your favorite man repelling looks at me. And if you have, please keep going. You are the substance of which my man repelling soul is made.