Guess the Blogger Pose: Answer Revealed

Leandra Medine | January 26, 2011

Oh repellows…I’m back with the answer. The general consensus was a tie betweem Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes and Susie of Style Bubble. The correct answer however was…

Was it Susie?
Was it Jane?
Some said Denni.
Was it she?
Was it me?
Is two plus two really four?
…More anticipation…

And the answer is….
Susie Bubble! (all images via Style Bubble)
I’m slightly disappointed in myself for having taken eight months of live blog time to unveil a Guess the Blogger Pose on dear ol’Susie. After all, she is the unofficial spokesperson for man repelling across the pond. Never one afraid to try her hand at pairing bright separates with bright patterns, (photoed above,) Susie shows us how rock neoprene outside of the ocean. The fish-like prints on her leggings suggest an interesting correlation to the orange Tron for Opening Ceremony wetsuit. Don’t you agree?
In another effort to remind us that one print is never enough, she wears pajama pants with printed open toe heels. I’m not quite sure this is what Christian Dior had in mind when he showed his “innerwear as outerwear” collection circa Spring 2010. This is however, what I had in mind. Thank you, Susie. Your knit turban gives my Peter Jensen number a run for its’ Sikhness. (Get it? Get it?)
There’s that pesky top knot again! While in this photo, Lady Bubble stuck to muted hues of nude and grey, she continued to satisfy The Man Repeller aesthetic with what look like labial folds for knee-pads at the top of her knee-socks. Here’s to Things that Look Like Vaginas!
In an interesting string of events, today’s competition runs hand in hand with the one Bloglovin’ is administering.  
Susie and I are running against one another in their Most Original Blog of 2011 category. In spirit of exploting that friendly competition and including one more facet, tell us now, Who Wore it Best?
How does she get her topknot so…top? (I know the answer, she once tweeted it at me, and it is: loads of bobby pins.)
Susie, I love you, so you have my vote. But fellow Repellows…do remember: this is my blog. Don’t make a fool of me on my own URL! She’s going to win Most Original! Give me something, anything. Come on! Please! …I’ll give you socks?
  • Fashion Agony

    I love Susie so much, she's doing great work with her blog!


  • susie_bubble

    You have a multi-checked shirt, a furry texture AND some stripy socks – I concede defeat!

  • jamee dyches.

    You had my vote before I even read this or the last post! 🙂

  • karoline

    You have two giant fur balls attatched to the sleeve of your cardigan. I see no fur on Susie. You WIN!

  • Laura

    the striped socks won me over. you win!

  • Charlotte Beecham
  • Francesca

    love it!!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • london loves

    Huhu! I made a post more or less about your blog and I would like to hear your opinion on it! Difficult to explain…
    check it out here:

    I love the man repeller! =D

  • Anonymous

    such a good one! Susie rocks and so do you!

  • Man Repeller

    @susie_bubble but…thigh highs and combat boots! You've turned notoriously man repelling tights into a MAN REPELLER. Gosh I love you so hard

  • Jarette

    I love the first photo of susie with all the colors. Both of yall wear everything so well!!!

  • Jordan

    @karoline… those are flowers hahahahaha

  • Miss Molly

    i love Susie! she is soo cute and has amazing style as do you! i am torn between who is going to win this blog awards catergory! good luck to both of you!

  • Kazuko

    so hilarious! you both deserve an award!


    Ha I missed the part with guessing. Ahhh well maybe next time.

  • ediot

    love this post. i find susie bubble to be amazingly inspiring and fresh-
    but i just found your blog and will look around here too- maybe i'll just go ahead and vote for you 😉
    hope you're having a good week dear

  • Michelle’s Style File

    These sure are impressive outfit combos!!


  • whichisgood

    Between the Shinning-like quality of the picture and the blue stripped socks, I'll say you wore it best hands down.
    As far as repelling men goes, this sort of bulge thing you have in your pants there would certainly do it (assuming straightness, of course).
    I love your blog. You have true sartorial grit baby, and that's truly rare.

  • Duck

    I do love Susie's style…


  • Eli

    YOU. Always. Is this just me, or does this purse look like Lady Business?;%3C%3Efolder_id=282574492817520&bmUID;=iT3tvwU&ev19;=3:7
    Also, pleeeease do an entry on Female repellers! I think there are guys who look cool to other guys but horrify those of the clam persuasion.

  • Arbitrarily Voguish

    count 2 extra votes:

    one for most original and one for blog of the year!


  • sophia

    you have my vote :))

  • Sabina

    Susie is cute but I am still an MR devotee!

  • Mattea

    Will you give me Missoni socks? I still am voting for you whether the answer is oui ou non.

  • Bre

    Of course I voted for you for Bloglovin's most original blog! Don't put the duh in dumb! Have a great weekend!

    P.S. "Things that look like vaginas" made me LOL-literally.

  • paristempslibre

    great blog which i just discovered!

  • Villedela

    I love blogger banter.. you guys are the shit.

  • paula

    Susie looks perfectly librarian chic and I'm afraid there are men with Librarian fantasies. I dont think there are men out there with -giant-pom-pom-attached-to-bag fantasies… SO YOU WIN!!!

    P.S. my man wouldn't leave the house with me today until I changed my bright yellow heels – score one man repelling point to me!

  • Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • Anonymous

    funny shit.

  • Anonymous

    No! You don't need loads of bobbypins for a tippy tip top knot. Bend over and brush all of your hair just forward of where you want your topknot. Keep bending over. Twist hair and tightly coil until it forms a crazy topknot. Keep twisting/keep coiling. Stay bent over. Secure at the base w. hair elastic; wrap hair elastic around top knot formation a few times.

  • SEO services

    Haha, Susie is so cute! These pics are adorable

  • mensajes claro

    The oufit Its so beatifull

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