Trend Spotting: Leather Accents

I’m sure you remember Celine’s leather work circa Fall/Winter 2010. In the event you don’t, let me refresh your memory, chipmunk. 
Your eyes are not playing a trick on you, it is in fact true that Celine took one of the few fabrics women have working in their man-getting favor and turned them into an utter tree chopper, broom cracker, soft pickle, if you will. What, after all is the motivation behind a baggy leather trouser skirt? I’ll tell you what the motivation is, it’s celibacy. And I will abstain to that! 
More popular than the awesome awkward bottoms however, were the leather accents. 
When I first saw the pockets, proverbial butterflies fluttered around inside my pants. They’re leather pockets, after all. Perfect in all their counter-functional glory. I thought about the vast ways I could use the pockets (you know, hold my collection of writing utensils inside one, perhaps a baby hamster in the other.) And then I thought about the exciting DIY prospects Celine would bring on. In mid-thought, however, a copyright infringement fell into my lap via H&M;:
photo by Chuck Grant
dress: H&M; shoes: Christian Louboutin My Little Pony

Frugal Franny win! $29.99.

The leather pockets in turn got me thinking about leather sleeves. I’ve invested in several knits, jackets and tees clad in leather sleeve. They’re fairly stiff and uncomfortable but on the reverse, they’re utterly cool, instantly add one more fabric to the equation that is your outfit, and evidently are quite the man repeller.  

Real life anecdote: “you would fuck up tight black leather pants with that weird shirt from outer-space.” I for one, did not realize leather sleeves equal alien, but I’m glad they do. This obviously adds an exciting facet to their credibility.

Get on the leather train, fellow Repellows, with my three favorite variations pictured below.

This is the actual outer-space shirt. I didn’t wear it with Taylor Momsen eye makeup, panties and one thigh high, though. I might try it.

A chunky knit with leather buttons and sleeves. Extra repeller points with what fervent fashion freaks call the maxi skirt, but former Jewish school girls will always know as the yeshiva skirt. I’m excited about the notion of taking sartorial cues from Crown Heights. 

And finally:

…For the rockstar slash military fiend who enjoys a little stiff arm every now and then, (cue myself:)

This is also a shameless plug to remind you to read my Harper’s Bazaar article.

Do note that the above jackets and knits make for great holiday gifts. Give your lady friends what they really want. Mint green pashminas, fruit bowls, and irrelevant DVDs suck. #improjecting