The Man Repeller Gets Lucky

Leandra Medine | November 12, 2010
photo by Naomi Shon
I love a good pun, but I meant that quite literally. While fornication is still not on the menu, I will be guest blogging for Lucky Magazine from November 15 to 19. And if you like the above picture, you’ll love the shit I have up my fringed sleeves for those krazy kats! So that’s next Monday through Friday for those of you who have no concept of dates and numbers. Again, tune in next week to read my satirical genius blog posts at
I will recreate all Lucky posts here, likely in a far less appropriate light. This experience will be an interesting social experiment in learning what aspects of my blogging are actually editorial-appropriate and what will never leave the virtual confines of…being my own editor rox with an X.
Until then though, here’s a little something from our good ol’ friends at Shopbop to inspire any and all d-deflecting you may want to engage in this weekend:
Today’s lesson: Giant bow does not equal giant boner but it does equal party on your head!
  • Iben

    nice bows:) so gossip girl ish;)

  • k. ryan

    love it ~ and i cannot wait to read your Lucky posts!!

  • Wheaas The Baathroom?

    you go glenn coco

  • E

    LOVE me some giant bows. Nice find lady.

  • ray

    congrats on the lucky spot! eager to see how much you will have to edit yourself…

    saw these and thought these were fairly repellent of the male species:;=&catalogId;=33060&storeId;=13052&productId;=2047318&langId;=-1&sort;_field=Relevance&categoryId;=208645&parent;_categoryId=208580&sort;_field=Relevance&pageSize;=20

    would they get 'em? do i??

  • Gina

    Fuck the bows, where do I get those red shoes?! Lucky will be infinitely better for your having contributed to it.

  • Lauren

    LOVE your blog- said it before-it's true. Excited for Luckymag, they've got no idea what they're in for!

  • MR

    @Gina Shoes are Louboutin. Quite old but I recently saw them on sale on The Outnet!

    X MR

  • Ashelyn

    get 'em girl

  • stoolpidgen

    Whoa!!! Those bows would look awesome with this strange blouse thing…


    Oooo yay share your Luck with also all…also if you happen to fornicate please don't share I don't think the audience could handle that amount of truthfulness or maybe they could…take a poll I guess. OH PS LOVE LUCKY MAG…my company is working with them for their Lucky Break Sweepstakes, which took some arm pulling on my part, but I can't wait for it. They rock.

  • Gudrun and Iris

    hahahaha i love those bows! men don't like bows. period. my boyfriend pulls a face as if he is about to start vomiting whenever i put on anything with a bow on it. even ballerinas with bows or even – yes- spell it out – U.N.D.E.R.W.E.A.R with bows leaves him cold. tasteless bastard that he is he also despises my brogues (they are church's for gods sake!), my corduroy trousers and pussy bow (there it is again!) blouses.

    sigh, men, what can you say.

  • Susu Paris Chic

    I love your glam outlook on fashion. We are on the same champagne-flavored lines.

  • Material Attention

    in love with your skirt. following you now, hope you'll do the samexx

  • Anonymous

    i love your red shoes. where do they come from?

  • I Don’t Wear Jeans

    Is that a leather skirt? Won't do any repelling in that… especially with the red heels.

  • Nathalia

    Congrats on the Lucky Mag collaboration you deserve it, you blog is great!!!
    I discovered it a few days ago, and I've a confession to make, I spent Saturday night reading almost all of you old post until 3 AM!…. they are great, sooo TRUEEE… and totally funny!!!!

    Viaggio della Farfalla
    The Key Item

  • Kora

    Congrats! Our jewelry line was featured in the "Give Back" article in this month's Lucky…