Get the Look for Less: Proenza Schouler F/W 2010

Leandra Medine | November 17, 2010

It is a huge fashion faux-pas that I am about to show you an image from (gasp!) a Fall/Winter 2010 collection but newsflash, world. It is fall/winter 2010 right now and this blog is about paying forward realness to the public. So as much as I enjoyed writing poetic prose about turbans and floral print harem pants during fashion month, it’s time to get real. Real fancy, that is!

It should be no surprise to you by now that I have an unhealthy obsession with Proenza Schouler, cue the copyright infringement failwhale located at the bottom of this screen. You’ve likely heard me say “I would trade my first born child to obtain ownership over the entire collection…” yadi yada yada deal with the devil bla bla c-section. While that’s all fine and true, reality bites, with shark teeth. So here’s the next best thing: post about getting the look without proverbially breaking le bank.

When I livestreamed the collection last February I lady-bonered so hard but this word did not yet exist in my lexicon so instead I said things like “OMG,” “the holy grail of suicide chic” and “I’m dying.” I wasn’t actually dying

Now it can be yours, watch and learn:

image via Naomi Shon

First things first: put on your best suicide face. You can’t do Proenza F/W 2010 without it so get your morbid juice flowing. The next step would ideally be: stop eating so that your legs look like stems coming out of a skirt but I don’t condone anorexia or bulimia so stuff yo’face with a Twinkie, girlfriend. 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need:
A white button up oxford. Try the Lands End catalogue for chaps, it provides a real bang for your buck, $19.50

A grey cardigan. Taken from the little chaps at Zara, $19.99

A high waisted leather mini skirt. From Zara again, $99.00

Then it’s up to you to accessorize with matching red shoes and lips. Should you want to emulate me down to the shoe though, a little birdy told me my T-strap Christian Loubooties are on sale at The Outnet. I can’t help you with the bowtie, sorry. It’s my dads and he wore it to his wedding in 1986.

Now you’re ready to engage in your final step:


And dance around in your Proenza outfit because it only cost you $140.00! Hooray! Man Repeller score point!


  • Zara rules my world, lovely remake of the ensemble!

  • you're seriously THE SHIT.

  • dear god this is terrible – er, fabulous? please tell me you went on a blind date looking like this! except i hope you added some weird purple-y eye makeup both on the lips and under, to make you look like a corpse. apparently that's the only way to do it.
    happy hump day!

  • * i meant to say LIDS, as in eyelids, not lips. whoospies.

  • You are so great- Thank you for taking serious, bizarre, trendy fashion and making it funny. Also, I found this gem at Net-a-Porter… Might want to add it to your list of things that look like vaginas!

  • Your dad wore a bowtie? Hmmm I guess that is one way to do it. I like how you went Real Fancy with that. Haha loved it.

  • You look great, love the leather skirt. You are still a riot!

  • you are the funniest girl I swear

  • Anonymous

    this is such a good one. good remake.

  • I think I've said this before but

  • ray

    I too want to have and to hold that collection! Oh blessed ZARA!!

    So crazy to post you up and then read about you in my st. pete newspaper – pretty cool!

  • Anonymous

    i must know what lipstick you are wearing! pronto tonto!

  • Haha I can't believe I only just found you. Made my day


  • The Proenza model is lookin' like Diamanda Galas! Thank you for inspiring me on what I should wear when I meet a penguin in a few days..bow ties all the way!


    ANNA T.

  • i love this outfit and would totally wear it on my first date. bow tie and all.

  • This look is amazing– you could've been on that runway! and p.s– i love your blog–your sense of humour is one of a kind–you totally crack me up! xx

  • Anonymous

    Are you wearing the cardigan from Zara or was that just a suggestion? …if you are then what size are you?

  • Jackie

    I tried this outfit out.
    My step-brother said "it looks you dressed up as a sexy school girl, only not sexy at all."
    man repeller win.

  • Anonymous

    I've been reading your blog for a while now… and I've been having a hard time putting my finger on who you remind me of. BUT ALAS! The last photo gave it away: Eloise at the Plaza. No doubt in my mind. You're amazing.