While We’re On the Topic of Vaginal Fashion…

Leandra Medine | September 17, 2010

In case you were looking for a little special something to pair with your labia(l) folded shoes, behold:

A look from Marchesa’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. My hetero-life-mate found this image while she was browsing vaginas.com, she’s something of a pervert. Fine, she was browsing style.com, to be fair though, Style.com might as well buy the domain vaginas.cuom.

If the dress were red, it could have been called: Menstruation at Marchesa but since it was not, we will instead just simply call it the vagina dress.

And on a completely unrelated topic: today I wore denim underwear and some flat booties.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16967703028915240970 Serena

    Looove your outfit! I may need to invest in some denim underwear in the near future, you're just that inspiring.



  • http://www.seguilamoda.com Ceci

    So I just added your picture to my inspiration board for this summer (you know, I live in Buenos Aires, so I get to wear shorts for the next months to come)

    You are the utmost man repelling inspiration…be proud, Hanneli has nothing on you!


  • http://ritournelleblog.wordpress.com/ ritournelleblog

    You really have no boundaries when you write, do you?

  • amelia appendage

    HAHAHAHAHAHA @ritournelleblog

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10080924209430159848 Claire

    i literally can't stop picturing a vajayjay.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13032888244308609611 Morgan Jordan

    You're adorable, hilarious, and I love the idea of this blog. Following you!


  • Anonymous

    Love the booties. Where to get them?

  • http://www.rx-mex.com/ Generic Viagra

    Damn… I prefer shorts because that dress it's just "undress"…

  • http://www.EatStylePlay.com/ Eat.Style.Play

    I miss post like this! haha. everytime I see something that looks like a vagina i think of you O_O