No Sex & The City: A Small Touch of Tranny

Leandra Medine | September 21, 2010

This week you’re not having sex because…

You thought Derek Lam’s gold sequined booties were appropriate footwear for the work place.

Just a few short reminders:
a. it is not New Years Eve
b. you do not work at Studio54
c. nor do you work at Flash Dancers
d. unless you do, in which case, you go girlfriend.
e. you must get paid well because these dapper dans aren’t cheap.
and finally, g. you look like a tranny cowboy

Don’t feel so bad, though…

I wear walking disco balls on the regular. 
I told a man friend that I wanted to wear them as often as possible until the cold weather really set in, he was less than pleased. I suppose a follow-up to his thoughts presented itself while I was walking on Crosby Street the other day and a very fine looking man stopped me. He so eloquently said, “damn girl, those shoes are shiny. Real glittery and shit. You fo’real?”
That said, tootles. 
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  • Gina

    haha! what a funny dude! i bet that made your day 😉

    i would think there would definitely be NO time for sex if one purchased these shoes. They would be to busy thinking of ways to pay their credit card bill!

  • girl6

    Who makes your shoes???

  • Nuit

    LOL yup… agree with the reminders 😉

  • ritournelleblog

    Um, where's f. between the e. and the g.?

  • Missy Elz

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Missy Elz

    Those sandals are amazing!

    The boots are equally brilliant for different reasons.

    I have sent something to you via twitter that I thought might tickle your fancy very slightly. I'm under Missy_elz


  • Anonymous

    valentino shoez

  • thepartydress

    I have to stare at those golden wonders every day on Crosby Street. I think they also make them in Blue Glitter, which i NEED.