The Harness as Bra Trend, and a Look for Less

Details at Alexander Wang
image via Jak&Jil;

Just last week, harnesses were swinging around (note the pun) the runways of some of Man Repeller favorites, like Alex Wang, Rag & Bone, and VPL.

Fashion is rarely about comfort, utility and function and this harness-as-bra trend is no exception to that–after all, you are a lady not an acrobat. Unless you are an acrobat, in which case…good for you, your limbs must be long.

From VPL

In any case, I’ve taken the liberty of creating short list of ways a harness can be useful–because that’s what good people of the Man Repelling tribe do–they take the liberty of creating short lists of ways a harness can be useful: 
a. Kinky sex purposes. (Too bad this one doesn’t apply to us.)
b. A means to obtain black and blues around in the nipple area.
c. To help you climb shit like mountains and buildings.
d. Rope rescue

Now, in the event you find yourself itching to try out next Spring’s harness-as-bra-trend–after all, why wouldn’t we implement harnesses into our wardrobes– here is a great alternative, a look for less if you will. Break your bones without breaking the bank. Behold:

A real life harness that may actually serve as a two for one deal: look, it’s a onesie too! Genuineness at its finest. Get yours here.