Goodbye Hanneli.

I’m sure you remember this endearing and beautifully designed banner from my sweet blog…after all, it’s right before your eyes.

Well, it’s time to say so long.

This morning, I received an e-mail from Hanneli Mustaparta (pictured left.) She was upset I had used an image from her blog on the banner of my blog even though I very intentionally placed a page below the banner called Banner Photos that OFFER PHOTO CREDIT.

Her e-mail was adorable, her English is not very good, but hey neither is mine. She said she liked the blog but would rather not be on my banner. I’m sorry Hanneli, is there something wrong with being marketed as a Man Repeller? I’ll have you know THESE HAVE BEEN THE BEST MONTHS OF MY LIFE!

My alter ego, Philip the lesbian was sweaty palmed reading the e-mail. After all, even though she is cramping the shit out of our (Philip’s and mine) style, we have a serious girl crush on the Northern European beauty. 

My other alter ego, Philip the business lesbo was all, child please this is definitely not illegal.

At the end of the day, there’s only one thing left to say. Hanneli wore a turban, I caught her, and told the world about it. When I answered her e-mail I suggested she start wearing La Perla bras instead of wang-repelling Wang sports bras. 

Just kidding, I didn’t do that. I said “sorry, I’ll take it down, I love you.”

Hanneli, if you’re reading this, I’m not mad at you, are you mad at me?

Next time you see me walking down Kenmare and Lafayette…you should toterly take my picture. I’m hip, I’m cool, I’m with it.


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