How Not to Repel at Opening Ceremony

Leandra Medine | July 26, 2010

In case you’re not quick on the uptake, the text body of this blog post is blank. I’ve tricked you again because it’s impossible not to repel at Opening Ceremony. For a few thousand dollars, contents of the store will help you maintain your virginity. And if you’ve already given up your oath of celibacy…no fear, Opening Ceremony is where the sexually active vagina goes to die.

If you had good inferring skills you would be able to draw a conclusion that reads something like this: I would trade my first born baby for Opening Ceremony! Who needs codependency when you can have roomy pants! And leather helmets! And onesies! Favorite sale clothes below:

 Look! It’s Ariel the Mermaid’s counterpart…and she has legs! Kind of.

House of Holland’s pants read like a really effective way to cover yourself in chastity belts.

These are Vena Cava’s picnic pants. Called picnic pants because you can actually have a picnic in or on the crotch.

I’m just going to address the elephant in this virtual room, there’s a leather hat attached to her Alexander Wang cape! I speculate it’s padded, should she fall to the ground, or get beaten on the head, she will be A-OK…always a plus in my book.

A big red heart for big red love.

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  • Fashion Intel

    No words for these hot messes but loving your assessment.


    omfg. SPOT ON.

  • leslie

    oh dear, why do I love those Vena Cava pants so much? Should I seek professional help?

  • hotchagirl

    I really, really like that corset jumper. I could wear it when I'm pmsing to keep my boyfriend away!

  • riotersbloc

    Oh gosh. I totally love manrepelling clothes.

  • Julia M

    That blue jumpsuit with the bra-cups is SO COOL! I want one, I don't care what my boyfriend thinks (he'll probably be walking 10 steps behind me in town, pretending not to know me…as usual).

  • Ashley

    I want that cape. If Alexander Wang is the only wang in my life, I am totally fine with it – provided that the cape is miiiiine!

  • Anonymous

    oooh i want the house of holland's pants! i want 'em and i dont care.

  • Anonymous

    Lol is the girl in the last picture a super hero?

  • Beli Pulsa
  • tiket pesawat

    i love you girls

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  • Rino Wijaya

    If Alexander Wang is the only wang in my life

  • Rudi

    Alexander wang is the famaous desainer in the world.

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