Guess the Blogger Pose, Pt. 2

Leandra Medine | July 15, 2010
image via Knightcat 

This isn’t a blogger pose as much as it is an attractive-model-gets-tricked-into-standing-like-a-fool pose. She may regret standing against that wall touching herself while wearing excess denim and Rambo-inspired head gear but I’m nothing short of delighted because her mistake was my bloggertunity. 

If you had a brain, you would follow me on twitter. And if you followed me on twitter, you would see my outfit and think: oh, this must be what @ManRepeller meant when she posted at 9:51AM If you’re looking for me, I’m the asshole wearing exercise shorts–not for exercising–with a shirt I stole from my 14 year old brother.” And your thought process would be CORRECT. 

Digression over.  Now tell me, who does the have-sex-with-me-if-you-want-to-have-the-worst-night-of-your-life pose better. Amanda Norgaard or ME?

I choose me. (Eventhough Norgaard’s facial expression says something along the lines of, I’m going to chew your penis apart. It’s going to shread.)
Sorry labia, we have more lonely nights ahead. It could be worse though…at least we’re not Emily

She’s rocking a pseudo-mullet, her jumpsuit is two sizes too big on her and those are penny loafers on her feet.

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  • Miss Janey

    The Man Repeller scuffed up her wall. Dirty!

  • wekilledCOUTURE.

    I don't know… your facial expression is much less repellant, hers sort of looks like a "i
    'm-going-to-bike-your-dick-and-not-let-go" expression.
    Something demonic…

  • Chloé Jane

    You're fucking hilarious. I love it.

  • Fourth Daughter

    Looks seriously like something Terry Richardson would think up??
    what do you think of these shoes, I've tested them on the girls and they seem girl repellent so I'm guessing guys won't go for them either!

  • Fashion Intel

    You've got her beat with your swatch watch, a shadow on your elbow which looks like a bruise, and the A Wang shoes I saw on sale at Barneys … to which my boyfriend picked up and said "what about these?"

  • Man Repeller

    The AWangs went on sale????????? FUCK THAT

  • TeeAndCake

    ..ahahahahahahah!!!!! I LOVE YOU! XD

  • Fashion Intel

    Yeah, 60% off! Here you go, if you need a second pair in a size 6 or 10:,default,pd.html

  • Johanna Sophie

    You're hysterical. Love being a man repeller!!!

  • InnyVinny

    That was my exact thought about that girl's facial expression…she's definitely a peen gnawer…