Michael Jackson’s Yahrzeit

It’s the one year anniversary of child predator King of Pop Michael Jackson’s death.

For uninitiated non-Jewish readers, a Yahrzeit is the annual commemoration of the death of a Jew by a mourner. Yes you’re right MJ wasn’t Jewish. But he did practice Kabbalah.

Anyway, in homage to his Yahrzeit, we bring you the best in MJ fashion and all that he’s inspired with his bipolar sartorial choices. Since we speculate MJ was asexual, this may not be suitable to file under Man Repeller or Woman Repeller, but we will guarantee that if need be, Human Repeller, Parent Repeller, Child Repeller and…Jungle Repeller will suit just fine. At the very least, you can blame him, men, for the wide array of dick deflecting fashion he has induced onto your lady friends.

We’ll start with Thriller.

…He inspired this guy.

And then there was his tendency to wear a mask. Generally speaking, he wore these because he was a germophobe (read: watched Bubble Boy one too many times.)

Since his nose and mouth are exposed to the wretched horror that is fresh air, we can only assume he was lending face gear inspiration that would inevitably become the solution to Zorro’s problems.

The white glove, oh the white glove.

Not only used as a tool to help Butlers worldwide channel their inner rock star, the glove combined with pale as powder white skin inspired many a mime. Should you often find yourself wondering why mimes are so quiet, it’s because in their efforts to emulate Michael Jackson, the voice just wasn’t there.

And then of course there was RiRi.


And again…


Rihanna hasn’t been seen holding babies off her balcony yet, but we’re waiting baited breath for that day to come.

Still after aforementioned icons, perhaps the most influential style inspiration MJ lent was to one of our very favorite movie directors, Wes Craven.

Without you, Michael, the mere prospect of novelty ghost masks, the 1996 hit comedy horror film, and Halloween would have ceased to exist.

Not really, but you know. 

We miss you crazy-culottes, tweet us from heaven @ManRepeller.