MRDJ: Roland Mouret

Leandra Medine | April 28, 2010

The furry creature below comes from the MR-inspired pages of

Behold: RM by Roland Mouret Athena twill & raffia jacket.
Yes, you could spend $2,305 on this jacket…or:
a. cover cookie monster in mustard. Skin and wear him
b. pay your rent, twice
c. donate to Haiti
d. not eliminate the possibility of spontaneous sexual intercourse at any given moment.

A closer look: …Yea.

So far we have learned:
a. Your ass shouldn’t emulate Disney
b. And Your front shouldn’t emulate Sesame Street
c. The combination of Sesame Street on top, Disney jungle animal on bottom or vice versa will dub you asshole du jour.

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  • "Asshole du jour"??

    Crass. Vulgar.

    How about "Esphincter Especiale".

  • "a. cover cookie monster in mustard. Skin and wear him".
    ha! love it!!

  • Anonymous

    "Ew what is that weird lady wearing" – my 9 year old brother… Even little men are repelled!

  • Hasan Udin

    nice share..
    Jaket Anak