Man Repeller du Jour

April 25, 2010
As evidenced by our banner, we have a clear fascination with man repelling denim in all its forms (harem, acid washed, high-waisted “mom jeans”, boyfriend,destroyed, tapered at the ankle, overalls- you get the point). Here, for the first Man Repeller du Jour (which will be known as the MRDJ going forward) are Topshop‘s tencel harem shorts. If you thought they were bad from the front…

…take a look at the back…
Is it just us or do the snaps on the flaps of the pockets combined with the excessively saggy behind of these shorts bear a striking resemblance to Simba’s better half?
We conclude saying this: if your shorts make your ass look like a Disney character, take them off.
  • Holly

    Funny. the back looks like a sad little man's face and the front looks like a denim vagina…

  • kimberly taylor

    my name is kimberly, and i am indeed a man repeller.
    love the blog! definitely a fan!

  • DS,LK & F


    "Denim Vagina". Sounds like a great name for a band!

  • Eunice

    OMG the back view reminds me of this one Winnie the Pooh video where Pooh was stuck inside a hole with his butt sticking out and Rabbit drew a smiley face on it. Screenshot:

  • Krista Tannahill

    they look like a diaper

  • Martine

    I really get tired of the whole “looks like” fashion humor. Don’t wear a trench coat you might look like a streaker. Don’t wear a striped scarf or you will look like you are going to Hogwarts. Don’t wear a sweater you might look like Erkle. Don’t wear gladiator sandals, you might look like a gladiator. I guess if people really need to classify things with other things of a similar shape to understand their world…so be it. I’ll wear what i like.

  • Martine

    My brother used to play that game and say what cars looked like from front and back on long trips. You know the high beams looked like eyebrows, the grille looked like the mouth, the bumper like a chin…but he grew out of it….

  • jeanellek95

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  • Alexa

    Great work :)
    Is there any way I can view all your posts from the beginning in a sequence? A little arrow guiding to the next post would be nice :D

    • Alexa

      Found them, lol! Thanks anyways!